One day I was asked, what is creative? It may has different meanings for every people. For me creative is thinking about something new, something different, something that is unthinkable or unnoticed by most people. And being creative is also about how we realize that thinking. To be able to think creative without proper realization would the same as thinking nothing.

Being innovative has a very close relation to being creative. Innovation is doing something creative. The difference is only about the result of the thinking. Innovative can some times breakthrough into some new way of thinking, activity, or product that will lead to a better future for human kind.

Better future is phrase with many meanings. If we try to analyze our history, better future that is obtained by creativity and innovation will be a future that sustain the human life and makes it easier. What I mean here are less effort for doing everything, the ability to do something that can not be done before, and the safety of human both individually or in group.

Human evolve in the way of their ability in obtaining their needs. Altough economic and social gap will always remain, creativity and innovation will increase the common wealth rate of people. This can be proven by looking into our history book. For instance, people in faraway place nowdays can easily communicate each other easily. While in the past communication only belongs to upper class citizens that able to pay for it.

Through cretivity and innovation, people now can achieve something that they used dreams about. One of the dreams that is realized is the ability to fly with airplanes. This innovation has realized eople’s dream to fly just like a bird.

Another important result of the evolution that is resulted from creativity and innovation will be in the life expectancy level. The death rate nowadays is much higher than the past. Altough the age of people nowadays is shorter than the past, the death rate percentage is keep declining. As example, the rate of death mother at giving birth progress is much lower.

So how can we think creative and innovative? Some of us may be already heard about the sentence that say ‘wanting to have a new result with only doing the same old effort is the definition of madness.’ So in order to become creative and innovative we have to do something out of our usual behaviour. Try to do and think something new. Or we can just try to think out from our point of view. Trying new way of thinking will also help. Try to think different from our usual mind map. Another important way that will help us is to believe that nothing is impossible. Stop being so pesimistic and start being optimistic. That will erase the limit and free us to think or do something that is beyond our imagination.